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==Revert wars are considered harmful (the three-revert rule)==
High-frequency [[Wikipedia:Edit war|reversion wars]] make the [[Wikipedia:Page history|page history]] less useful, make it hard for other people to contribute, and flood recent changes and watchlists. [[Wikipedia:policies and guidelines|Wikipedia policy]] [[Wikipedia_talk:Three-revert_rule/Archive_8#3RR_rule_has_drifted_into_impracticability.3B_proposal_for_radical_simplification|forbids]] anyone from reverting any single article more than three times within a period of 24 hours, with certain exceptions. [[Wikipedia_talk:Three-revert_rule/Archive_8#3RR_rule_has_drifted_into_impracticability.3B_proposal_for_radical_simplification|This is a strict limit]], not a given right; you should not revert any one article more than three times daily. Violation of this rule may lead to protection of the page on the version preferred by the non-violating party; blocking; or investigation by the [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee|Arbitration Committee]]. Usage of [[Wikipedia:Sock puppet|sock puppet]]s attempting to circumvent this rule does not prevent a violation. See '''[[Wikipedia:Three revert rule]]''' for details on this.
==Explain reverts==