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'''Aji Chay'''<ref>{{cite news|title=ĀJĪ ČĀY|url=http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/aji-cay-river-which-flows-into-lake-urumia|accessdate=October 6, 2015|work=[[Encyclopædia Iranica]]|date=July 29, 2011 |first=E. |last=Ehlers}}</ref> ({{lang-az|آجی چای Acı çay}}, {{lang-fa|تلخه رود}}), or '''Talkhe Rud''', is a river in [[Azerbaijan (Iran)|north-western]] [[Iran]]. Most of it is situated in the [[East Azerbaijan Province]].
Its water is [[alkali]] due to passing from the lands with high mineralization. It is the largest river that discharges into [[Lake Urmia]]. It arises above [[Sarab, East Azerbaijan|Sarab]] from the slopes of [[Mount Bozgush]] and [[Sabalan|Mount Sabalan]]. Its tributary, the sweet water [[Quri Chay]], joins the Aji just northeastnorth-east of central [[Tabriz]].
The Iranian government has a project under development to put the water to agricultural use by altering the watercourse of the Talkheh-Roud away from the alkali lands. As part of this project, the Madani dam is being constructed on the Talkheh-Roud on the northeastnorth-east side of [[Eynali|Eynali mountain]], which lies to the northeastnorth-east of [[Tabriz]].
Historical [[Aji Chay Bridge]] over the river, on the old Tabriz road to [[Marand]], is located just outside Tabriz and east of the [[Tabriz International Airport]].<ref>[http://www.eachto.ir/farsi/content/view/436/264/ East Azerbaijan Tourism Organization, Talkheh-Roud Bridge (in Persian)]</ref>
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