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explain "(thank)", link to Wikipedia:Notifications/Thanks
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(explain "(thank)", link to Wikipedia:Notifications/Thanks)
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The "(undo)" link on the newer revision's side will [[Help:Reverting|revert]] that specific edit. When you click the link you can check the diff page of the edit you are going to make, and the [[Help:Edit summary|edit summary]] will be automatically filled in with the phrase of [[MediaWiki:undo-summary]] ({{MediaWiki:undo-summary}}). This summary can be edited before you submit your edit. When you are undoing several edits at once, the auto-summary may not work. Though the link exists on all diff pages, it does not function when the revisions conflict. Often versions older than the current one cannot be undone in this way. If it does not work, you will be told that the edit could not be undone and end up in the regular editing page of the current version.
The "(thank)" link is only displayed when both the viewer and editor are registered users. It can be used to [[Wikipedia:Notifications/Thanks|thank]] the editor.
Below that are links to the user page and talk page of each user who edited the older or the newer versions. Links to the users' contribution lists are also shown. For administrators and [[WP:Rollback|rollbackers]], a "[rollback]" button also appears where applicable, allowing them to revert all of the edits made by that user.