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[[File:Carracci-Butcher's shop.jpg|thumbnail|right|''The Butcher's Shop'' by [[Annibale Carracci]], c. 1580-1590, Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford.]]
'''Christ Church Picture Gallery''' is an art museum at [[Christ Church, Oxford|Christ Church]], one of the colleges of [[Oxford University]] in [[England]]. The gallery holds an important collection of about 300 Old Master paintings and nearly 2,000 drawings. It is one of the most important private collections in the [[United Kingdom]]. The greater part of the collection was bequeathed by a former member of the college, [[John_Guise_(British_Army_officer)|General John Guise]], arriving after his death in 1765.<ref>[ Christ Church Picture Gallery.] Christ Church, Oxford; 22 January 2013. Retrieved 27 April 2013. [ Archived here.]</ref> Further gifts and bequests were made by [[William Fox-Strangways, 4th Earl of Ilchester|W.T.H. Fox-Strangways]], [[Walter Savage Landor]], Sir Richard Nosworthy & C.R. Patterson (Russian Orthodox metal plaques, many enamelled).
The Picture Gallery is especially strong on [[Italy|Italian]] art from the 14th to 18th centuries. The collection includes paintings by [[Annibale Carracci]] (''[[The Butcher's Shop]]''), [[Duccio]], [[Fra Angelico]], [[Hugo van der Goes]], [[Giovanni di Paolo]], [[Filippino Lippi]] ([[The Wounded Centaur]]), [[Sano di Pietro]], [[Frans Hals]], [[Salvator Rosa]], [[Tintoretto]], [[Anthony van Dyck]] and [[Paolo Veronese]], and drawings by [[Leonardo da Vinci]], [[Raphael]], [[Michelangelo]], [[Albrecht Dürer]] and [[Peter Paul Rubens]] and a great range of other artists, especially Italians.