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=== Internal links ===
Although external links are easy to copy and paste, they can be long and unwieldy. Diffs can be wikilinked using [[Special:Diff/''<code>oldiddiff</code>''<nowiki>]] (e.g. </nowiki>[[Special:Diff/123456789]]) or [[Special:Diff/''<code>oldid</code>''/''<code>diff</code>''<nowiki>]] (e.g. </nowiki>[[Special:Diff/100000001/123456789]]) where you should replace ''<code>oldid</code>'' and ''<code>diff</code>'' with appropriate values seen in the URL. This syntax is easy and can even be used in [[WP:EDSUM|edit summaries]].
=== <nowiki>{{Diff}}</nowiki> ===