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*The product of a pair of linear binomials <math>(ax+b)</math> and <math>(cx+d)</math> is a [[trinomial]]:
::<math> (ax+b)(cx+d) = acx^2+(ad+bc)x+bd.</math>
::<math> (w-5)^2 = (w-5) (w-5) = w^2-5w-5w+25 = w^2-10w+25
::<math> (12x+3)(12x-3) = 144x^2-9
Easy To Learn Basic Technique (X-2) (X+2) 1st Step is to X Times X is Equal
To X^2 Then X^2- 2x2=4 The Answer is X^2-4 :D Easy
*A binomial raised to the ''n<sup>th</sup>'' [[Exponentiation|power]], represented as
::<math> (x + y)^n </math>