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The most important political decision for Linz was taken in the late Middle Ages. Between 1304 and 1332 Linz was officially awarded city status by the [[Archbishop of Cologne]], [[Heinrich II of Virneburg]]. Shortly after having been declared a "city", the castle Burg Linz was built.
In 1391 a fire destroyed two thirds of the city. In 1475 the Emperor's troops occupied Linz during the "[[Siege of Neuss|Neuss War]]". The town hall, which is one of the major sights of Linz, was built in 1517.
In 1815, Linz became part of Prussia. One year later in 1816 Linz received the status of a district town ("Kreisstadt"). This status was revoked in 1822 and Linz became part of the Neuwied county.