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* Spending time after having the rights declined complaining about how other users have such rights but they don't.
* Inflated claims about how they have rights on other Wikimedia projects and a feeling that this entitles them to rights on the English Wikipedia, even if there are more complex policies at English Wikipedia.<br />Similarly, some users may use lower-level rights on the English Wikipedia to request other rights elsewhere, so that they can then turn around and request more advanced rights here, citing their cross-wiki hat collection as evidence of their worthiness.
== Possible signs ==
* Ignoring notices on [[WP:RfPERM|Requests for permissions]] or [[WP:RfA|Requests for adminship]] that discourage relatively new editors from applying for rights.
* Overly participating in admin areas (e.g. [[WP:ANI|The administrators' noticeboard]]) or unnecessary clerking of such areas.
* Participating in [[WP:PROJ|project]] namespace discussions from the start without other contributions including content contributions and counter-vandalism.
* Advanced knowledge of Wikipedia from the very start - hat-collectors may thoroughly read policies and guidelines to get their wanted hats faster (note that this might also indicate [[WP:SOCK|sockpuppetry]])
* Not showing a genuine need for rights when requesting them.
* When a request is declined, asking for how to obtain the right in question.
== Cross-wiki ==