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[[Image:BN-800 construction.jpg|thumb|Construction of the BN-800 reactor]]
Construction started on a larger [[BN-800 reactor|BN-800]] type fast breeder reactor in 1987. Protests halted progress in 1988, but work resumed in 1992 following an order by President [[Boris Yeltsin]]. Financial difficulties have resulted in slow progress. Construction costs have been estimated at 1 trillion [[Russian ruble|rubles]] and the new reactor can only be finished in 2012–2015 given current scarce financing. The BN-600 was originally planned to be decommissioned in 2010 but its lifetime is likely to be extended to cover the gap; it has been operating forsince 281980 years so far.
On 27 June 2014, controlled nuclear fission has been started in the BN-800 fast breeder reactor. The newest reactor helps to close the nuclear fuel cycle and to achieve a fuel cycle without or with less nuclear waste. Russia is, at the date, the only country that operates fast neutron reactors for energy production. The BN-800 has been put in the so-called critical state a week after all necessary nuclear fuel was loaded into the active zone. The reactor will be gradually prepared to achieve the 864 megawatts output, a power level expected to be reached in October, when the reactor will be commissioned for industrial use. The start of commercial operation of the new reactor is planned for early 2015.<ref>{{cite web