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'''Dale Dehaven Myers ''' (January 8, 1922 &ndash; May 29, 2015)<ref>{{Cite web|url=http://timesofsandiego.com/life/2015/05/31/nasa-legend-dale-myers-dies-at-93-helped-save-apollo-13/|title=NASA Legend Dale Myers Dies at 93; Helped Save Apollo 13|work=Times of San Diego|date=May 31, 2015|accessdate=June 1, 2015}}</ref> was a [[Deputy Administrator of NASA]], serving between October 6, 1986 and May 13, 1989. He was born in [[Kansas City, Missouri|Kansas City]], [[Missouri]], and graduated with a [[Bachelor of Science]] in [[Aeronautical Engineering]] from the [[University of Washington]] in [[Seattle]] in 1943.