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In [[chemistry]], a '''dihydrogen bond''' is a kind of [[hydrogen bond]], an interaction between a [[metal hydride]] bond and an OH or NH group or other [[proton]] donor. With a van der Waals radius of 1.2 Å, hydrogen atoms do not usually approach other hydrogen atoms closer than 2.4 Å. Close approaches near 1.8 Å, are, however, characteristic of dihydrogen bonding.<ref name=ChemRev/>
[[File:DihydrogenBondingBH4-H2O.png|160 px|thumb|Dihydrogen bonding is evident in the close H---H contacts between water of crystallization and the borohydride anion in the salt NaBH<sub>4</sub>(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>2</sub>.<ref name=ChemRev/>]]