Doug Lauffer

Joined 26 September 2013
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Doug spent many years of specialized training in Biblical studies, cultural anthropology, applied linguistics and translation methodology. His wife, Vicki Lynne Reynolds Lauffer trained with him. Mr. Lauffer was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1976.
Vicki and Doug went to Senegal North West Africa in 1977 where they served in two (2) villages for about two (2) years. As a language specialist, Mr. Lauffer quickly learned the Manjako language, the people whom he and his linguist wife served. The Manjako people are a race predominantly located in northwest Africa. <ref></ref>
Their third child was born in Simbandi Balant, Senegal, Africa on December 19, 1978. He was christened Brent Jacques FM Lauffer (FM representing Formosa Marina). Brent graduated from Thomas Edison University, Trenton, New Jersey. After working at Federal Express, Brent is now an artist. Some of Brent Jacques FM Lauffer's work can be seen at the following link.
The Lauffers returned from Africa to the states in 1979. In the United States of America, Mr. Lauffer was called to be a part of the clergy team at Calvary Baptist Church, Irwin, Pennsylvania.