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In 2011, the band has reemerged with a greater sense of urgency and creative prowess and are finally delivering on their prolific nature. In addition to the nonstop writing and recording the band keeps busy by a number of projects including Robbins’ recent gig in [[Robert Pollard]]’s project, "Milko Waif & The Bug-Eyed Mums." <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Robert Pollard as Milko Waif and the Bug-Eyed Mums - Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH) - Friday, July 9, 2010;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref>
In 2011 the band released their second full length of the year in "Tango Boys." Of the album, The Agit Reader says "Motel Beds swim in the Beach Boys’ endless summer harmonies, wrestle with The Kinks with a scrappy vigor, strut like the Stones, swoon like the Everly Brothers.." <ref>{{cite web|url=http:// |title=A New Dayton Renaissance;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref> The album also featured a duet by fellow Daytonian and member of [[The Breeders]], [[Kelley Deal]] in the song "Tropics of the Sand". The track was hand-picked to appear on the 2011 CMJ Freeplay mixtape for the band's well recieved appearance at CMJ. <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=The Motel Beds Assist in a Takeover of New York City;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref> <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=No More Fake Labels Official Cmj Showcase ;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref>Tango Boys went on to chart as high as #122 on the CMJ radio in the band's first radio promotion while having 13 stations place the album in their Top 30s. <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=BAGeL Radio Airplay/CMJ Charts ;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref> <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Top 30 — WKNC’s Top Albums of the Week 4/24/12 ;|publisher= |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref>
In 2012 the band made their first appearance in Austin Texas as part of the No More Fake Labels Showcase at the [[South by Southwest]] festival. <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Local indie rock band drops fourth album in two years;| |date= |accessdate=2012-07-12}}</ref>