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In November 2009, Young released his first greatest hits collection, ''[[The Hits (Will Young album)|The Hits]]''. The album was a success on the charts, being certified platinum by the [[British Phonographic Industry]].<ref>[ ]{{dead link|date=December 2012}}</ref> The following year, Young collaborated with electronic music duo [[Groove Armada]] on their album ''[[Black Light (album)|Black Light]]'', singing vocals on the track "History".<ref>{{cite news| url= |work=BBC News | title=Watson joins Young at Sandringham | date=26 March 2010}}</ref> For his fifth album, turned to music producer [[Richard X]] after listening the X-produced [[Steve Mason (musician)|Steve Mason]] album, 2010’s acclaimed ''Boys Outside'', which prompted Young to seek him out in the first place.<ref name="bbc1"/> Having previously claimed chart success with a succession of downtempo pop ballads, Young felt making a record utilizing electronic rhythms and beats was the culmination of a long-held dream.<ref name="billboard"/> On his vision, he elaborated: "It's an album that I've wanted to do for about five years, and I've been waiting like a tiger, ready to pounce. You have to evolve as a pop artist. It's like being a magician: If you show all your best hands at the beginning, you have nothing left to reveal."<ref name="billboard"/>
While X would serve as the album's chief producer, Young collaborated and co-wrote songs with various writers, including [[Andy Cato]] from Groove Armada, [[Kish Mauve]], [[Fred Falke]], [[The Sound of Arrows]], [[Richard Stannard (songwriter)|Richard Stannard]], and [[Pascal Gabriel]].<ref name="billboard"/> Musically, Young sought inspiration for ''Echoes'' from fellow UK dance-pop acts [[Pet Shop Boys]], [[The Communards]] and [[Everything but the Girl]],<ref name="indiatimes">{{cite news|url=|title=Will Young ready to change sound|work=[[India Times]]|accessdate=27 August 2013}}</ref> stating that he "wanted to hark back to that type of sound with strong bass but also very melodic."<ref name="billboard"/> Aiming for a simple [[synthpop]] sound, Young added that "changing your sound is a tricky thing to do, but I think it's come about at the right time and from the right place. It's not a massive change, and it's very genuine."<ref name="indiatimes"/> When Richard X joined the project, 90 percent of the album had already been written.<ref name="miloco">{{cite news|url=http://|title=Richard X Producer Interview||accessdate=27 August 2013}}</ref> With his producing partner Pete Hofmann, he finished some arrangements and tweaks on demoes before moving into the studio.<ref name="miloco"/> Studio sessions were heavily influenced by live recording, a breakaway from previous sessions.<ref name="miloco"/>
==Promotion and release==