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The full-length sophomore record [ Sound on the Radio] was released the following summer, on July 2, 2013.
In June of 2014, they released their third full-length album, [http:// The Battle Project].<ref>{{cite web |url = |title = Christmas From The Ranch |accessdate = 2014-08-10 |author = Itunes}}</ref> Though it was a bit of a departure from the edgy <i>Sound on the Radio</i> as a worship project, it still retained the driving rock sound they'd developed up until then. With its release, they continued working for Fuge camps, though as a contract band, rather than staff band. <ref>{{cite web |url = |accessdate = 2013-03-19 |author = Lifeway Christian Resources}}</ref> They were invited to play with [[Building 429]], [[Love & the Outcome]], and [[Mandisa]]. <ref>{{cite web |url = |accessdate = 2014-08-10 |author = Jfest}}</ref>