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In order to be consider a B level, there are 6 criteria that must be made including (1) “suitably referenced” and “inline citations” (2) a large percentage of material needed for an A-Class article is present. (3) orderly structure with lead section (4)”reasonably well-written” (5) diagrams, illustrations, and other supporting material if appropriate and (6) content is presented for a diverse audience. <ref name="quality article" />
In order to become a GA the article must pass an official review. Notable difference between a B article and a GA article include: (1) the article adheres to [http:// Manual of Style] recommendations (2) all references are listed and following the layout style (3) follows the [ Summary Style] (4) there is a lack of bias in embodied viewpoints (5) the article is considered steady or without ongoing content dispute and Lastly, (6) images include captions and [ copyright status].