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(Added another reference for topological submanifolds.)
There are some other variations of submanifolds used in the literature. A [[neat submanifold]] is a manifold whose boundary agrees with the boundary of the entire manifold.<ref>{{harvnb|Kosinski|2007|page=27}}.</ref> Sharpe (1997) defines a type of submanifold which lies somewhere between an embedded submanifold and an immersed submanifold.
Many authors define topological submanifolds also. These are the same as ''C''<sup>''r''</sup> submanifolds with ''r'' = 0.<ref>{{harvnb|Lang|1999|pages=25–26}}. {{harvnb|Choquet-Bruhat|1968|page=11}}</ref> An embedded topological submanifold is not necessarily regular in the sense of the existence of a local chart at each point extending the embedding. Counterexamples include [[wild arc]]s and [[wild knot]]s.
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