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Mr Su was quoted as saying, "While the main objective of my system is to allow ship crews and their loved ones to maintain contact, it can just as well be used to transmit critical information, such as the latest [[weather conditions]] or the location of a stranded vessel. In fact, following the tragic disappearance of [[Malaysia Airlines Flight 370|Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370]] and [[Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501|AirAsia Flight 8501]], the mobile communications technology that I developed would have expedited recovery efforts, since it is also applicable to the aviation field."<ref></ref>
Mr Su has also designed an underdeck piping structure for ships, which he patented in [[Japan]], [[Korea]] and [[China]], which he has allowed shipping companies to use without license.<ref>http://www.</ref> Su’s underdeck piping system for ships is currently in commercial use.
Su has a registered patent<ref name=":0">{{Cite web|url =|title = Nobu Su on Crunchbase|date = |accessdate = |website = |publisher = |last = |first = }}</ref> on a technology called Time Stamp which seeks to eliminate email fraud with a unique time signature for users.