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The third season revolves around the Bluegills, the in-series name for the neural parasites introduced in [[Star Trek: The Next Generation]]'s [[Conspiracy (Star Trek: The Next Generation)|Conspiracy]] episode, and relates them to the [[Borg (Star Trek)|Borg]].<ref name="Fourth" />
The special episode called ''Swordplay: A Recap'' summarizes the overarching plot.<ref name=Swordplay>{{Cite episode |title= Swordplay: A Recap|episodelink= |url= |accessdate=21 December 2014|series=Star Trek: Excelsior|serieslink= |first= |last= |network= |station= |city= |date= |began= |ended= |season=3 |seriesno= |number=3D |minutes= |time=54 |transcript= |transcripturl= |quote= |language=English}}</ref> In July 2382 General Isaac Brahms of Starfleet Intelligence, accompanied by 2nd Lts. Ryan Willis and Leo Amara, visits Captain Sharvah C Siresh on the planet Deneva<ref group=note>A reference to the Star Trek episode [[Operation: Annihilate!]] (Season One, Episode #29, in which Captain [[James T. Kirk]] visits the home planet of his brother, where the colonists have been infected with neural parasites.</ref> to ask him to take the ''Excelsior'' from Starbase 911 to the Delta Quadrant to investigate a distress call from the ''SS Anbar'' (NAR-11007), a Class Three neutronic fuel carrier that has been missing for 60 years (see Episode #301). Apart from First Officer Rachel Cortez all ''Excelsior'' 's crew members are intelligence officers, including Ensign Philippe Ermez. In Episode #301 Crewman Adow reveals that although Ermez' official file shows he had been in Intelligence and on the [[USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)|USS Enterprise-E (NCC-1701-E)]] before joining the ''Excelsior'', [[Geordi La Forge]] had no knowledge of Ermez.<ref name=IssuesErmez>{{Cite episode |title=Every Good Captain Has Admiral Issues|episodelink= |url=http://www.|accessdate=26 December 2014|series=Star Trek: Excelsior|serieslink= |first= |last= |network= |station= |city= |date= |began= |ended= |season=3 |seriesno= |number=301 |minutes=54:40 |time=1:16:08 |transcript= |transcripturl= |quote=Yubari: I called their Chief Engineer...Lorhrok: You called Geordi La Forge? Yubari: Yeah...and he said that he had never heard of this guy of ours.|language=English}}</ref>
Once on the ''Anbar'', the crew is attacked by the Bluegills after Ensign Ermez detonates a bug bomb, releasing the Zero. First Officer Rachel Cortez kills Siresh, who had come under the control of a parasite. Ermez returns to Federation Space with the ''Excelsior'' (Episode #304).<ref name=Swordplay/> In Episode #303 (''The Wreck in the Hesperus'') it transpires that a mysterious event actually led to the ''Anbar'' being pulled through the passage, past the Zero, to emerge almost 19 years later.<ref name=WreckPulled>{{Cite episode |title=The Wreck in the Hesperus |episodelink= |url= |accessdate=24 December 2014 |series=Star Trek: Excelsior |serieslink= |first= |last= |network= |station= |city= |date= |began= |ended= |season=Three |seriesno= |number=303 |minutes=1:11 |time= 34:07|transcript= |transcripturl= |quote=I find the starship ''Anbar''...I rescue her, I pull her across space. I push her across time... |language=English}}</ref>