Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: Difference between revisions

Through the '''Institute for Critical Social Analysis''', RosaLux delivers critical research on neoliberal capitalism, produces analytic work on political strategy, policy and democratic socialist alternatives, as well as work addressing injustices pertaining to gender, sexuality, race and nation.<ref>.</ref>
'''Through the '''Academy for Political Education,''' the foundation offers extensive programs of political education in the form of public conferences, seminars and workshops, and provides courses for youth and adult learners on topics including economic literacy, gender inequalities, sustainable development and political communication. It engages social movements directly and through media such as its website, public events and through the production of informational materials such as pamphlets.<ref></ref>
Further, through the '''Centre for International Dialogue and Cooperation''', it engages and supports social movement groups and organizations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America in the form of funding, as well as through seminars and conferences that are organized with local partners.<ref></ref>