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'''Shatter cones''' are rare geological features that are only known to form in the [[bedrock]] beneath [[meteorite]] [[impact crater]]s or [[Underground nuclear testing|underground nuclear explosions]]. They are evidence that the rock has been subjected to a shock with pressures in the range of 2-30 [[Pascal (pressure)|GPa]].<ref name=French1998>{{cite book
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Image:Wells Creek shatter cones 1.JPG|Shatter cones developed in fine grained [[dolomite]] from the [[Wells Creek crater]], USA.
Image:ShatterCones.jpg|Shatter cones associated with the [[Serpent Mound]] [[cryptoexplosion]] structure in Adams County, southern Ohio. Scale in mm.
Image:Rochechouart Shattercone.jpg|30 &nbsp;cm-sized shatter cone in the Saint Gervais [[granite]] from the [[Rochechouart crater]], France.
Image:Kluft-photo-Shatter cones-Sep-2008-Img 1711.jpg|Shatter cones in the [[Santa Fe impact structure]] near [[Santa Fe, New Mexico]]
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