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The '''Library of Michigan''' is a state-run library and historical center located in [[Lansing, Michigan]] that was created to provide one perpetual state institution to collect and preserve Michigan publications, conduct reference and research, and support libraries statewide.<ref>[ Act to Create the Library of Michigan], Act 540 of 1982</ref><ref name="News">{{Citation |work= [[Oakland University|News at Oakland University]] |publication-date=November 19, 2003 |title=Didier elected chair of Library of Michigan board |author= |accessdate= January 10, 2013 |url=}}</ref> Previously under the [[Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries]] state agency and, as of 2009, under the [[Michigan Department of Education]],<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Governor eliminates Michigan Dept. of History, Arts and Libraries |work=[[Crain's Detroit Business]]|accessdate=January 10, 2013 |format=}}</ref> the library is Michigan’s official state library agency. A notable side-project of the Library of Michigan is the [[Michigan eLibrary]] (MeL), one of the first online libraries on the [[Internet]]. MeL provides full-text articles, books, Michigan history materials, and evaluated web sites to residents of the state of Michigan. In 2003, the Library of Michigan Board of Trustees elected as chair [[Elaine Didier]], dean of [[Oakland University]]'s Kresge Library and professor at Oakland University.<ref name="News"/>