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| origin = [[Boulder, Colorado]], [[United States|USA]]
| genre = [[Hard rock]], [[blues-rock]], [[jazz fusion]]
| label = [[ABC Records]], Warner Brothers Records, BGO Records, One Way Records, Casablanca Records
| associated_acts = [[James Gang]], [[Deep Purple]]
| current_members =
| past_members = Kevin McPherson<br />Candy Givens<br />[[Tommy Bolin]]<br />David Givens<br />Robbie Chamberlin<br />John Faris<br />Bobby Berge<br />Dan Smyth<br>[[Jock Bartley]]
40 years after, Zephyr's music is still in print and continues to be played in the various media. YouTube has brought new eyes and ears to the band.
In 2014, record producer, Greg Hampton and David Givens collaborated on a project that resulted in the release of a limited edition boxed set that included a remastered version of the "bathtub" album, two albums of live material - mostly previously unreleased, and a booklet featuring liner notes by Givens and photos from his private collection. The remastered first album is an unqualified improvement over the original and the live material justifies the high esteem the band accrued with the audiences that witnessed their performances. The boxes sold out in less than a month.