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'''Marvin Rotrand''' (born 1951) is a [[Canadian]] politician. He currently serves as a member of [[Montreal City Council]], representing the district of [[Snowdon, Montreal|Snowdon]]. Rotrand has served on Montreal city council since 1982. Since 2002, he has also served as the Vice-Chair of the ''[[Société de transport de Montréal|Montreal Transit Corporation]]'' (MTCMontreal Transit Commission) and the president of its finance committee and of its customer service committee.<ref name="STM">{{cite web|url=|title=Marvin Rotrand|publisher=[[Société de transport de Montréal]]|language=French|accessdate=2009-11-04}}</ref>
Formerly a member of the [[Union Montréal]] political party, Rotrand quit to sit as an [[independent (politics)|independent]] on November 15, 2012, following the corruption allegations against the party in the [[Charbonneau commission]] hearings.<ref>[ "Marvin Rotrand will support Applebaum as mayor"]. [[CBC News]], November 15, 2012.</ref> In the election of November 3, 2013, he was elected as a councilor for Coalition Montreal - Equipe Marcel Cote.<ref></ref>
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