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[[File:Waldkirchen1.jpg|thumb|left|Waldkirchen township]]
It was mentionedMentioned for the first time in 1203., Soonit itsoon became an important trading place along the "Goldener Steig" (Golden Path), a salt-trading route between Bavaria and Bohemia in the late [[Middle Ages]]. In the 13th century the [[Bishop of Passau]] gave '''Waldkirchen''' the title of a "Markt" ([[Market (place)|market]]).
After several raids ofby [[Bohemian]] soldiers during the 15th century the city wasbuilt surrounded by thea "Ringmauer", a big stonewall, to surround it, which is still to be seen in many places of the city.
Belonging to the Bishop of Passau's territory for more than 600 years, the city became part of the [[Kingdom of Bavaria]] in 1806 and in 1871 of the [[German Empire]].
Waldkirchen burned down 6six times (between 1492- and 1945). The last timefire was on April 26th 1945, when the 16th Company of Regiment Grossdeutschland, SS Panzer Grenadier Division "Das Reich" arrived from [[St. Pölten|St. Pölten, Austria]]. Each squad of 10ten men was armed with 1one Lightlight Machinemachine Gungun, 1one machine pistol, 2two Panzerfaust and rifles. InEight civilians were killed in combat with the 11th Armored Division, eight civilians were killed,and 48 houses and city's historical church were destroyed. In the course of the action 120 families also lost shelter. The devastated city was rebuilt during the 1950s and was chartered in 1972.
The totally devastated city was rebuilt during the 1950s and was chartered in 1972.
Waldkirchen was host of the 2007 [[Landesgartenschau]].