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'''''The National Law Review''''' is an American [[law journal]] ({{ISSN|2161-3362}}, legal [[news websites|news website]] and legal analysis [[news aggregator|content-aggregating]] database.<ref>{{cite news | url=| title=Free Full-Text Online Law Review /Journal Search| accessdate=2011-11-14 | work=[[American Bar Association]] | author=Legal Technology Resource Center}}</ref> The site offers news coverage and analysis of recent court decisions, regulatory changes and legislative actions and includes original content and content submitted by various professionals in the legal and business communities. The on-line version of the [ National Law Review] was started as a research tool by a group of corporate attorneys looking to store and classify useful legal analysis and news they located on the internet. The on-line version specializes in news and analysis for the following types of [[American law]]: [[Administrative law]]; [[Banking law]]; [[Bankruptcy law]]; [[Civil Procedure]];[[Common law]]; [[Competition law]]; [[Conflicts of laws]]; [[Construction law]]; [[Consumer Protection]]; [[Contract]] law; [[Copyright]] law; Business [[Criminal law]]; [[Cyberlaw]]; [[Election law]]; [[Energy law]]; [[Entertainment law]]; [[Environment law]]; [[Family law]]; [[Financial regulation]] law; [[Health law]]; [[Immigration law]]; [[Insurance law]]; [[Intellectual property]] law; [[Labour law]] or Labor law; [[Military law]]; [[Municipal law]]; [[Patent]] law; [[Product liability]]; [[Property law]]; [[Securities law]]; [[Statutory law]], [[Tort]] law; [[Tax Law]]; [[Trademark]] law and [[Trust law]].