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*''[[The Accused (1949 film)|The Accused]]'' (1949) as Jack Hunter
*''[[Angels in Disguise (film)|Angels in Disguise]]'' (1949) as Angles
*''[[Outside the Wall]]'' (1949) as Latzo
*''[[White Heat]]'' (1949) as Het Kohler
*''[[ Any Number Can Play]] (1949) as Pete Senta
*''[[City Across the River]]'' (1949) as Larry
*''[[Knock on Any Door]]'' (1949) as Vito
*''[[The Accused (1949 film)| The Accused]]'' as Jack Hunter
*''[[Jungle Patrol]] (1948) as Lt. Louie Rasti
*''''[[I Walk Alone]]'' (1948) as Skinner
==In popular culture==