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== Biography ==
[[File:Apologia.JPG|thumb|right|Title Page of Ent's Apologia]]
Ent was born on 6 November 1604 in Sandwich, Kent. He was the son of a Belgian immigrant, Josias Ent<ref> Will of Josias Ent, merchant of Sandwich; Kent History & Archives Centre, Maidstone, Kent; PRC32/49/166b, mentioning wife Judith, sons: George, Josias, Giles, and another (Isaac?), and daughters Judith, Elizabeth, Jane & Anne</ref> (sometimes called John Ent) and his wife Judith; The Ent (or Ente) family of Sandwich came from Newchurch, in the county of Flanders, to avoid religious persecution.<ref> Will of Peter Ente, notary publicke, Kent History & Archives Centre, Maidstone, Kent; PRC17/55/106, lines 7 & 8; proved 1611;</ref>. George Ent's father died in July 1629, his mother in 1650, <ref> Will of Judith Ent, Prob 11, National Archives; 1650, naming George as sole executor, and his son as a beneficiary </ref>
As a boy, Ent went to school in [[Wallachia]] and [[Rotterdam]], but attended college in [[England]]. He left for college in April 1624, and received his BA from [[Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge]] in 1627 and his MA four years later.<ref>{{acad|id=ENT624G|name=Ent, George}}</ref> Following his graduation from Sidney, he spent five years at the [[University of Padua]], earning his MD in 1636.
=== Other Works ===
''Mantissa anatomica'' combines of three of Ent's studies on anatomy – ''Lophius'', ''Galeus'', and ''Rana''. He assembled these as part of an intended broad study of anatomy in the 1650s that never further materialized.
From 1637–1655, Ent corresponded with [[Cassiano dal Pozzo]] concerning [[fossil wood]].
Published in 1687, near the end of Ent’s lifetime, the ''Opera Omnia Medico-Physica'' (''All Medical-Physical Works'') contains a collection of Ent’s works.
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