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'''Chris DuBois''' is a songwriter and music publisher based out of [[Nashville, Tennessee|Nashville, TN]]. Chris began his music career as ASCAP Director of Membership in 1993. He left ASCAP in 1999 to form [[Sea Gayle Music]] with business partners [[Brad Paisley]] and [[Frank Rogers (record producer)|Frank Rogers]]. Since that time, Sea Gayle has become one of the most successful independent publishing companies in all of music.<ref>Miner, Maurice. [ "Full Force Gayle"], ''ASCAP Playback Magazine'', June 2004. Retrieved on 2010-6-11.</ref> In 2010 and 2011, Sea Gayle was named ASCAP Country Publisher of the Year. It was the first time since 1982 that an independent publishing company had won that award. In 2009, Sea Gayle Music launched Sea Gayle Records as an imprint of Sony Music Nashville.<ref>Gayle Thompson. [ "Brad Paisley Launches New Record Label"], "The Boot", November 2009. Retrieved on 2011-10-19.</ref>
As a songwriter, Chris has had more than 20 Top 20 singles including 14 songs that have reached #1. Chris has been the recipient of 25 ASCAP awards and in 2004 was named ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year.<ref name = "ASCAP" >Price, Deborah Evans (November 20, 2004). “Thrasher, DuBois Top ASCAP Writers”. Billboard, p. 61.</ref> Chris was also named NSAI Songwriter of the Year for 2010 and 2011.<ref name="NSAI">[ "NSAI"] Retrieved on 2011-10-19.</ref>
Chris began serving as Brad Paisley’s Executive Producer in 2005 on the album ''[[Time Well Wasted]]'' which won ACM and CMA awards for Album of the Year.<ref name="ACM">[ Academy of Country Music]</ref><ref name = "CMA" >[ Country Music Association Past Winners] Retrieved on 2011-10-19.</ref> Chris has continued his role as Executive Producer for the Brad Paisley albums ''[[5th Gear, (album)|5th Gear]]'' ''[[American Saturday Night]]'', ''[[This is Country Music,]]'' and ''[[Wheelhouse (album)|Wheelhouse]]''.
==Charting Singles==