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Since parts of the 10-character ISBN space are nearly full, all books published from 2007 on have been allocated a 13-digit [[ISBN]], which is identical to the Bookland EAN. The UCC 979 has now been assigned for the expansion of Bookland,<ref>{{citation |url= |title=Book Marketing Demystified |author=Bruce Trelawny Batchelor}}</ref> and was first used by publishers in the French language, which can use now the additional prefix "979-10-" in addition to the nearly full "978-2-" prefix (onto which legacy ISBN 10 numbers starting by "2-" have been remapped). Books numbered with prefixes other than 978 will not be mappable to 10-character ISBNs.
The UCCGS1 is the global identification standards organization for retail. Every country has an assigned country code which precedes the company code. The "country codes" 978 and 979 are now officially registered for allocation by the [[International ISBN Agency]], which maintains the official international registry of ISBN numbers allocated to book publishers.
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