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<blockquote>"But for the adoption of the Congressional plan of Reconstruction and the subsequent legislation of the nation along the same line, the [[abolitionism|abolition]] of slavery through the ratification of the [[13th Amendment to the United States Constitution|13th Amendment]] would have been in name only, a legal and constitutional myth."<ref name="lynch362-363">Lynch (1917), "Error", pp. 362-363</ref></blockquote>
Lynch noted that Rhodes concluded that Reconstruction had failed. He disagreed, saying that not all its goals had been accomplished but he believed that ratification of the [[14th Amendment to the US Constitution|14th]] and [[Fifteenth Amendment to the USUnited States Constitution|15th Amendment]]s made it a success, as all people of color were granted citizenship, which could not be restricted by race or color, and they were granted suffrage nationally.<ref name="lynch365">Lynch (1917), "Error", p. 365</ref> That same year, Lynch published his own book, ''Facts about Reconstruction'' (1917).
Rhodes became a member of the [[American Historical Association]]. He was elected as [[American Historical Association#Past presidents|its president]] in 1899 for the customary one-year term.