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''Cinefantastique'' relaunched as a webzine in August 2007, called ''Cinefantastique Online'', under the supervision of the magazine's former West Coast Editor, Steve Biodrowski.
In 2009, ''Cinefantastique'' was purchased by and is now a wholly- owned trademark of Fourth Castle Micromedia, a New York based company owned by genre marketing veteran Joe Sena. Fourth Castle is best known for their EMCE Toys brand, whose first lines of "Retro Cloth" 8" action figures were reproductions of classic MEGO toys. Fourth Castle produced a one-shot, "Cinefantastique Presents The Ultimate Guide To Zombies" in 2012. The magazine is slated for relaunch in 2015, Biodrowski continues to run Cinefantastique Online and Dan Persons produces podcasts for the publication. .<ref>{{cite web|last=Biodrowski |first=Steve |url= |title=Godzillathon in San Francisco |publisher=Cinefantastique Online |date=2010-04-29 |accessdate=2012-03-07}}</ref>