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please be careful
(please be careful)
Hi. I've reverted edits [ here], [ here] and [ here] where <s>direct quotes,</s> document titles and/or news headlines referred to "Sinn Fein" or "Fianna Fail" and the bot changed them to "Sinn Féin" and Fianna Fáil" [correction at 10.51 UTC: none of the edits involved direct quotes, so my edit summaries were inaccurate]. These should not be changed. I don't know how many other articles you did in the same batch, but it is probable that there are others that need to be undone. There were a couple of book titles, [ here] and [,_1918&diff=next&oldid=595295304 here], where the spelling was correctly changed. Regards, [[User:Scolaire|Scolaire]] ([[User talk:Scolaire|talk]]) 10:37, 20 March 2014 (UTC)
== Please be careful ==
You recently made [ this change] at [[Somnath Bharti]]. Why you think an Irish broadcaster has any interest in a fairly minor Indian politician is beyond me. I also notice that this is not the first screwed-up series of Ireland-related changes that you've made recently. If this is a bot then perhaps it needs to be stopped until the issues are fixed. - [[User:Sitush|Sitush]] ([[User talk:Sitush|talk]]) 17:57, 21 March 2014 (UTC)