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===Pulmonic ingressive===
Pulmonic ingressive sounds are those ingressive sounds in which the airstream is created by the [[lung]]s. Pulmonic ingressive sounds are generally [[Paralanguage|paralinguistic]], and may be found as phonemes, words, and entire phrases on all continents and in genetically unrelated languages, most frequently in sounds for agreement and [[Back-channel#InBackchannel (linguistics)|backchanneling]].
Pulmonic ingressive sounds are extremely rare outside of paralinguistic phenomena. A pulmonic ingressive phoneme was found in the apparently constructed ritual language [[Damin]], the last speaker of which died in the 1990s. The [[ǃXóõ language]] of Botswana has a series of nasalized [[click consonant]]s in which the nasal airstream is pulmonic ingressive. Ladefoged & Maddieson (1996:268) state that "This ǃXóõ click is probably unique among the sounds of the world's languages that, even in the middle of a sentence, it may have ingressive pulmonic airflow."