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Usingen an der Usa lies about 35 km north of [[Frankfurt am Main]] and 50 km northeast of [[Wiesbaden]] in the [[Taunus]], putting it on the edge of the [[Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region]].
===Town council===
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===Usinger Schloss===
[[Image:Usingen Schloss.jpg|thumb|Schloss Usingen]]
==Economy and infrastructure==
===Public transport===
Usingen has at its disposal a good connection to the public [[railway]] network. Whereas railway lines have been closed elsewhere, things have gone the other way in the Hochtaunuskreis. The line that has connected the ''Usinger Land'' to Frankfurt since 1895 has been run since 1993 by the district as the ''[[Taunusbahn (Hochtaunus)|Taunusbahn]]''. At peak hours, the trains run half-hourly, and otherwise hourly, to Bad Homburg. Peak hours also bring hourly through trains to [[Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof|Frankfurt's main railway station]]. Service stops at about 23:00 (0:00 on Saturday nights).
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