1972–73 NBA season: Difference between revisions

* The '''Cincinnati Royals''' relocate and become the '''Kansas City-Omaha Kings''', splitting home games between [[Kansas City, Missouri]] and [[Omaha, Nebraska]].
* The [[1973 NBA All-Star Game]] was played at [[Chicago Stadium]] in [[Chicago, Illinois]], with the East beating the West 104-84. [[Dave Cowens]] of the [[Boston Celtics]] wins the game's MVP award.
* This was the final season of the [[NBA on ABC]], however the network would regain NBA coverage beginningstarting forin the [[2002-03 NBA season|2002-03 season]].
* The [[Philadelphia 76ers]] finished with a 9–73 record. Their 0.110 winning percentage was the all-time worst mark in the NBA until the [[2011-12 NBA season|2011-12]] [[Charlotte Bobcats]] finished a [[2011 NBA lockout|shortened season]] with a 0.106 winning percentage. It remains the worst record for an 82 game season. The 76ers also became the first team to lose 70 games in a season and the only team to win less than 10 games in an 82 game season.