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'''Linz am Rhein''' (in English ''Linz on the Rhine'') is a municipality in the [[Neuwied (district)|district of Neuwied]], in [[Rhineland-Palatinate]], [[Germany]]. It is situated on the right bank of the river [[Rhine]] near [[Remagen]], approx. 25  km southeast of [[Bonn]] and has about 6,000 inhabitants. It is the sister city of [[Marietta, Georgia]] in the [[United States]], [[Linz]] in [[Austria]] and [[Pornic]] in [[France]].
Linz is the seat of the ''[[Verbandsgemeinde]]'' ("collective municipality") [[Linz am Rhein (Verbandsgemeinde)|Linz am Rhein]].
In 1815, Linz became part of Prussia. One year later in 1816 Linz received the status of a district town ("Kreisstadt"). This status was revoked in 1822 and Linz became part of the Neuwied county.
After the [[Second World War]], Linz became a part of Rhineland-Palatinate in 1946.
In the 1970s the city expanded with the new residential area "Roniger Hof". In 1979 the local hospital was put into service.
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