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The "closet" is described as a band of the thickness between a bar and a barrulet, but is rarely found.{{citation needed|date=August 2013}}
A bar that has been "couped" (cut) at the ends so as not to reach the edges of the field is called a ''hamaide'', after the town of Lahamaide in [[Hainaut]], [[Belgium]].<ref>{{cite web|title=Frasnes-les-Avaing (Municipality, Hainaut Province, Belgium|url=|publisher=[[Flags of the World]]|accessdate=8 February 2013}}</ref>
==Barry and barruly==
File:Coa Germany State Hessen History.svg|Lion ''barry of ten argent and gules'' in the arms of the German state of [[Hesse]]
File:Blason ville fr Palluau (Vendée).SVG|A [[bordure]] ''barry of ten argent and sable''
File:Blason ville be Lahamaide (Hainaut).svg|''Or, three hamaides gules'', the arms of Lahamaide in [[Hainaut]], [[Belgium]]
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