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'''''Time Well Wasted''''' is the title of the fourth studio album released by American [[country music]] artist [[Brad Paisley]]. It was released on August 16, 2005, on [[Arista Nashville]]. It was the [[Country Music Association]]'s Album of the Year for 2006.<ref>[http://www.cmaawards.com/2006/nomWin/Winners.asp 41st Annual CMA Awards | Award Winners<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
The album produced the singles "Alcohol", "When I Get Where I'm Going", "The World", and "She's Everything". "Alcohol" was a number 4 hit on the ''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]'' [[Hot Country Songs]] charts, while the other three singles were all Number Ones. "Waitin' on a Woman" was re-recorded in mid-2008 as a bonus track for Paisley's ''[[5th Gear (album)|5th Gear]]'' album, and this re-recording was issued in June 2008 as a single.