California's 45th State Assembly district: Difference between revisions

AD-45 won by Dem Matt Dababneh
(AD-45 won by Dem Matt Dababneh)
| chamber = Assembly
| image = California AD-45 (2011).svg
| representative = Vacant[[Matt Dababneh]]
| party = Democratic
| residence = Encino
| Democratic = 48.89
| Republican = 25.35
'''California's 45th State Assembly district''' is one of 80 [[California]] [[California State Assembly|State Assembly]] districts. It coversis acurrently sectionrepresented ofby the[[California westernDemocratic Party|Democrat]] [[Matt Dababneh]] of [[SanEncino, FernandoLos ValleyAngeles|Encino]].
On November 19th 2013 Assemblymember-Elect Matt Dababneh (D) defeated Susan Shelley (R) in a runoff Special Election after [[Bob Blumenfield]] of [[Woodland Hills, Los Angeles|Woodland Hills]] resigned in July to take a seat on the [[Los Angeles City Council]]. Assemblymember-Elect Dababneh is scheduled to be sworn into office at the start of the 2014 Assembly session..
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