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'''Myron A. Farber''' (born c. 1938) is an [[United States|American]] newspaper reporter for ''[[The New York Times]]'', whose investigations into the deaths of several patients at an [[Oradell, New Jersey]], hospital led to the murder trial of Dr. [[Mario Jascalevich]], a physician at the hospital who was alleged to have used a powerful muscle relaxant in what became known as the "Dr. X" case. After refusing to turn over notes from his investigation in response to a subpoena from the defense attorney in the case, Farber was jailed for contempt and the newspaper fined, ending up spending 40 days in jail with fines of $285,000 assessed. Appealed to the [[Supreme Court of the United States]], the case set a precedent for the limitations of [[shield laws in the United States]].
=="Dr. X" case==