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==Political career==
'''City Charter Reform Commission''' Zine was first elected to public office in 1997 to represent Valley interests on the elected Charter Reform Commission where he served as Vice Chairman.
'''Los Angeles City Council''' Zine was elected to represent the Third District, representing a large part of the San Fernando Valley in Northeastern Los Angeles, in 2001, later reelected in 2005 and 2009, and under the City's [[term limit|term limits]]s, cannot be reelected again.
'''Los Angeles City Controller''' Zine announced his candidacy for the position of [[Los Angeles City Controller]] in July 2011,<ref name="DTSlatimes"/> following his City Council predecessor, [[Laura N. Chick]], who also ran and served as City Controller from 2001 to 2009. In a primary election field of six candidates, Zine placed second, trailing Ron Galperin, an attorney and businessman who had run for elected City offices unsuccessfully in the past.<ref>{{Citation
| title = City of Los Angeles, Primary Nominating Election, Official Election Results, March 5, 2013
| publisher = Los Angeles City Clerk, Elections Division
| date = 3/26/2013-03-26
| url =
| accessdate = }}</ref>
'''Other Political Posts''' After his election to the City Council, he expanded his government service role as the President of the Independent Cities Association (ICA), as the City's representative with the [[National League of Cities]] serving as a member of the Board of Directors and the Chair of the National Immigration Task Force, and as a member of the [[League of California Cities]] Board of Directors. Councilman Zine is also a member of the Los Angeles County Judicial Procedures Commission. He was one of two [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican Party]] members of the City Council until he changed his registration to [[Decline to State]] in 2011.<ref name="DTSlatimes" /><ref name="DTSdailynews" /> The [[Los Angeles Times]] reported "He said he did so because he's tired of the 'gridlock' of partisan politics and because his liberal positions on gay marriage and other social issues are out of line with traditional Republican views."<ref name="DTSlatimes" />
==Pre-political career==
Zine was a police officer with the [[Los Angeles Police Department]] for over 28 years. Councilman Zine is a former [[Los Angeles Police Department]] sergeant and a current reserve officer. He worked Valley Traffic Detail and served as liaison for Deputy Chief Mark Kroeker in the aftermath of the 1992 riots. He was honored as officer of the year by the California Highway Patrol. He has been elected three times to the Board of Directors of the Police Protective League, representing the 9,100 rank and file officers.
Councilman Zine is a member of the Guardians and has served on the Executive Committee at the Jewish Home for the Aging. For over 10 years he has been an active member of [[Mothers Against Drunk Driving]] and has served on the Board of Directors of Haven Hills Battered Women's Shelter.
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