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'''California's 45th State Assembly district''' is one of 80 [[California]] [[California State Assembly|State Assembly]] districts. It iscovers currentlya vacant, after its most recent representative, [[California Democratic Party|Democrat]] [[Bob Blumenfield]]section of [[Woodlandthe Hills, Los Angeles|Woodland Hills]], resigned to take his seat on thewestern [[Los AngelesSan CityFernando CouncilValley]].
The seat is currently vacant, with a special election for a new representative on 24, September 2013. The district's most recent representative was [[California Democratic Party|Democrat]] [[Bob Blumenfield]] of [[Woodland Hills, Los Angeles|Woodland Hills]], who resigned in July 2013 to take his seat on the [[Los Angeles City Council]] representing [[Los Angeles City Council District 3|Council District 3]].
== District profile ==
* [[Los Angeles]] – ''11.5%''
** [[Canoga Park, Los Angeles|Canoga Park]]
** [[Encino, Los Angeles|ResedaEncino]]
** [[Northridge, Los Angeles|Northridge]]
** [[Reseda, Los Angeles|Reseda]]
** [[West Hills, Los Angeles|West Hills]]
** [[Winnetka, Los Angeles|ResedaWinnetka]]
** [[Woodland Hills, Los Angeles|Woodland Hills]]
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