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On 11 November 1938, [[Reichskristallnacht]], the Bochum synagogue was burned down.<ref>[http://www.vosizneias.com/13238/2007/12/16/bochum-germany-new-synagogue/ "Bochum, Germany - New synagogue Inaugurated Nearly 70 Years After Kristallnacht"]. ''The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community'' (16 December 2007). Retrieved 24 April 2010</ref> The Jewish school was also destroyed by the [[Sturmabteilung|SA]]. Afterward, all of the official representatives of the Jewish community were deported. Hirsch fought to have the Jewish school reopened, but it stayed open only for a short while.<ref name="city" /> Hirsch began to organize transports for children and adolescents in arrangement with the Jewish Reichsvertretung. Between December 1938 and August 1939, she organized ten [[Kindertransport|children's transport]]s to the Netherlands and England.<ref name="city" /><ref name="Finketal" /> Hirsch took care of all the travel preparations, filling out lengthy forms, registering the children, gathering required documents, sending papers to [[London]], securing exit visas, reserving seating on the trains, buying the tickets and staying in close touch with the parents.<ref name="city" />
She stayed with the remaining pupils as the only Jewish teacher until the school was closed in September 1941. Emigration for Jews was prohibited after 1941.<ref name="city" /><ref name="Finketal" /> In late January 1942, Hirsch and some of her pupils were deported into the [[Riga Ghetto]]. A surviving pupil reports that for a short while, she continued to teach children. She also organized meals for weakened people and the elderly.<ref name="Finketal" /> The last time when the surviving student saw her, she was collecting [[nettleUrtica dioica|nettles]]s and [[dandelion]] leaves to cook as a vegetable for the seniors.<ref name="city" /> Hirsch was deported to the Riga Ghetto, where she was killed in 1942 or 1943.<ref name="city" />