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The '''Indian Reservation Roads Program''' (IRR) is part of the [[Bureau of Indian Affairs]] (BIA) and is meant to meet the transportation needs of [[NativeAmerican AmericansIndians in the United States]], [[List of Native American Tribal Entities|Native American TribesIndian tribes]], and [[Alaska Natives]].<ref name="BIA Road">[ FLH > Programs > Indian Reservation Roads (IRR)<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> These roads, also known as '''BIA Roads''' are given to tribes by providing funds for planning, designing, construction, and maintenance activities.<ref name="BIA Road" />
The program is jointly administered by the [[Federal Lands Highway Program]] and the BIA.<ref name="BIA Road" /> These roads are public that provide access to and within [[Indian reservations]], [[Indian trust land]], [[restricted Indian land]], and [[Alaska native villages]].<ref name="BIA Road" /> Approximately 29,000 miles are under the jurisdiction of BIA and tribes and another 73,000 are under State and local ownership.<ref name=irr>{{cite web|title=Indian Reservation Roads Inventory (IRR)|url=|publisher=Office of Indian Services, Bureau of Indian Affairs|accessdate=17 July 2012}}</ref>