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However, regardless of the ''size'' or ''weight'' of the aureus, the coin's purity was little affected. Analysis of the Roman aureus shows the purity level usually to have been near to 24 [[Carat (purity)|carat]] gold in excess of 99%. The [[Sovereign (English coin)|English Sovereign]] (1489–1604) consisted of 23 carats of 95.83% gold for 14.9 grams gold content. The [[British sovereign coin|British Sovereign]] (1817–1917, 1925, 1957–present) is made of 91.7% of 22 carat gold for 7.3 grams gold content. The [[Eagle (United States coin)|American Eagle]] from (1795–1833) consisted of crown 22 carat gold of 21.6 carat with 16.04 grams gold content. The Eagle of 1834-1836 had 21.58 kt (.8992 fine) for 15.74 grams gold. And between 1837-1933 it had 90% gold for 15.06 grams gold. The [[gold dollar|United States Gold Dollar]] (1849–1889) had 1.5 grams gold.
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