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In 1578 the village was destroyed by a great fire, which also burnt the roof and tower of the church. To help mitigate the severe losses of the inhabitants, the local prince, Duke Johann Wilhelm IV of Jülich-Kleve-Berg, granted them in 1579 a charter of market rights,e of towns in the Rhine Provincial Parliament. In 1856 it finally received full municipal rights with the passing of the town ordinance for the Rhine Province.
==Church and other buildnded by houses and shops built round it in a circle, forming a beautiful enclosed church square typical of the ancient Berg region.
The surrounding houinhbhjm- refurbished 1911), ''Auf'm Haus'' (1678),'' Großer Klaus'' (1686 - rebuilt 1964), ''Kleiner Klaus'' (1678), ''Scholle'' (1678), ''Hinter'm Turm'' (1678), ''Jostenhaus'' (refurbished about 1738), ''Hechtsteinhaus'' (1678), ''Op de Trapp'' (1678) and ''Leonhards'' (rebuilt 1955).