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applies to other wikis too
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(applies to other wikis too)
[[File:Hat shop.jpg|thumb|right|All these hats to choose from…]]
'''Hat collecting''' is the process of gaining rights on Wikipedia (and other wikis) just to show off or to boost one's ego, rather than because you have any actual use for them. Voters in the [[WP:RFA|request for adminship]] process need to decide whether or not the user requesting adminship actually has a use for those powers or is simply "hat collecting". This is why adminship candidates should have some clear idea ''why'' they want to become admins, rather than simply the feeling that this is what one does at a certain stage in one's Wikipedia career.
Not having a particular user right doesn't mean you are somehow deficient. Lots of people don't have [[WP:FILEMOVER|file mover]], but that's because there's only a small community of people who care about maintaining the file namespace. But on the converse, having file mover doesn't mean you are an expert on file moving, it just means you've been granted the ability to do it. For some administrators, handing out rights to a reasonably trustworthy user is a very simple way to prevent them persistently making requests of that form.