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|office=Member of the [[Los Angeles City Council]] from the [[Los Angeles City Council District 3|3rd district]]
|term_start=July 1, 2001
|term_end=July 1, 2013
|predecessor=[[Laura N. Chick]]
|successor=[[Bob Blumenfield]]
|birth_date={{birth date and age|1947|8|1}}
|birth_place=[[Los Angeles]], [[California]], [[United States|U.S.]]
{{succession box|before=[[Laura N. Chick]]|title=[[Los Angeles City Council]]member,<br>[[Los Angeles City Council District 3|3rd district]]|years=July 1, 2001 – presentJuly 1, 2013|after=Incumbent[[Bob Blumenfield]]}}
{{Los Angeles City Council}}
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