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The title has been in common use since the 5th century, but is mentioned for the first time in a letter to [[Epiphanius of Salamis|Epiphanius]], prefixed to his [[Panarion|''Panarium'']] (ca. 375), but the ''[[Lausiac History]]'' of [[Palladius of Galatia|Palladius]] may evidence its common use in the 4th century as applied to Saint [[Pachomius]].
When the supervision of monasteries passed to another episcopal official — theofficial—the Great [[Sakellarios]] ("[[sacristan]]") — the—the title of archimandrite became an honorary one for abbots of important monasteries (compared to an ordinary abbot, a [[hegumenos]]).
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*''Dictionnaire d'archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie'' (in French)
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